Sunday, December 31, 2006

Packers Need the Miracle of the Century to Make the Playoffs

So the Giants' 34-28 win against the Redskins tonight ended the seasons of the Panthers, Falcons, and Rams. Good. That puts those pretenders out of their misery - but it keeps another pretender, the Giants, in the #6 slot in the playoffs. That means that the only games that mean anything in the NFC tomorrow are Cowboys-Lions and Falcons-Eagles, to determine the NFC East champ.

Oh yeah, the Packers are still mathematically alive. But they need a miracle of epic proportions to surpass the Giants now. They need a whole lot of games to turn out a certain way, and barring the aforementioned miracle, they will also be playing for nothing by the time they suit up against the Bears for the Sunday nighter. CBS Sportsline does a good job highlighting what needs to happen for the Packers tomorrow.

As usual, the AFC gives you a reason to watch, as the 2 wild card spots and home field jostling among the division winners is still at stake. In total, 10 of the 16 AFC teams have something to play for tomorrow. Just hand the conference the Lombardi trophy now.

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