Saturday, December 30, 2006

Men Everywhere Prepare to Make Lame Excuses to Their Wives

Yeah, New Year's Eve and its parties come only once a year.

But this December 31st, football fans will have an event that has happened....well, never.

For the first time, if your local team isn't at home, you will get to see both games of a double-header on both FOX and CBS. (Tough luck if your local team is at home though, as you don't get the game opposite the local game during the same timeslot.)

When you combine that with the NFL Network game on Saturday (though some - me included - would prefer to watch that game with the sound off to avoid the nails-on-a-chalkboard NFL Network commentary) and the NBC Sunday night game, you have the possibility of 6 NFL games in two days. Pretty sweet indeed.

And by the time all that watching is done, there'll hardly be time to go out for New Year's. But hey, that's a sacrifice a true fan of the NFL has got to make, especially on a day like Sunday.

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