Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If I Had $2 Billion....

The offbeat story of the week is that of journeyman Dodgers pitcher Matt White, who discovered he was sitting on $2 billion worth of stone on his land.

According to the AP article on this:

Matt White, a 29-year-old left-hander, discovered a valuable rock quarry behind a house he bought from an aunt three years ago in western Massachusetts.

That got me thinking. What would other figures in the sports world do if they had $2 billion?

Pete Rose would bet it all on the Cincinnati Reds, because that's how much he believes in his team

Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown might have then have enough reserves for bail money for his players

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman could pay the American public to care about his league

Forget running for Governor of Alabama - Charles Barkley could set up a bid for the White House in 2008!

George Steinbrenner could finally put together the Yankees team of his dreams

Barry Bonds could start his own TV network where the programming is Bonds on Bonds 24/7

The U.S. could afford the services of David Beckham for 1.59 more years

Latrell Sprewell could afford to feed his family

Any more ideas that I'm missing?


Johnny Limarzi said...

DeShawn Stevenson could make a couple more stupid bets with Gilbert Arenas.

Jim Calhoun could afford some good players for 2008.

And Dan Snyder would recruit tons more players like Archuleta to trade away for 6th round draft picks.

Anonymous said...

If I had $2 billion, I would pay Gary Bettman to quit his job as commissioner... he's ruining the league and the game!

the guys over at

are on to something!

Benita said...


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