Thursday, January 25, 2007

SI Story on Jermareo Davidson

Just read a great article in Sports Illustrated by Grant Wahl on Alabama forward Jermareo Davidson, who went through the incredible tragedy of having both his older brother and his long-term girlfriend die within days of each other back in November. There's no need to rehash how mind-bogglingly sad that is - that'd be gratuitous.

It is important though, to point out Davidson's strength of character and will, not to mention the indelible impression his two deceased loved ones made on him, for the fact that he's still playing this season with the Crimson Tide. It's so easy, when racked with difficulty and/or tragedy to let yourself wallow in the sadness and allow yourself to be too incapacitated to function. It's incredibly hard to make a step forward when you're in a pit of grief so deep.

But Davidson, to his credit, has been able to draw strength from loved ones, his faith, and the memory of his brother and girlfriend and step back on the court. He didn't have to continue the season, but he got back on the court after missing only a game, because he knew that's what his brother and girlfriend would have wanted him to do. Making the decision to move forward, while always keeping the memory of his loved ones close to him is really an act of determination to be praised.

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