Saturday, January 27, 2007

My 10 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

With the Super Bowl about a week away - let the pre-game shows begin - I started thinking about that other Super Sunday staple, the commercials. And while I don't think the ads have been up to par in recent years, especially last year, there have been plenty of great ones over the past 25 years. So these that I'll count down every day for the next week aren't necessarily "the best" commercials, but are my favorites. So without further ado....

#10. Elmer Bruker - Miller Lite - The only man to play in every Super Bowl, but never played

#9. When I Grow Up... - - Wow, what a brilliant ad; cynical yet hilarious at the same time. Monster couldn't have gotten their point across any better.

1 comment:

He Said She Said Love... said...

What about the top Super Bowl games of all time??
I put my money down on the St. Louis RAMS vs. Tennessee Titans game. That was a classic!

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