Thursday, October 26, 2006

High Times for the NBA?

I'd like to see The Onion tackle this headline. It's a punch line waiting to happen:

Stern: Nevada pot bill won't effect '07 All-Star game

Apparently the citizens of Nevada are considering a referendum that would legalize marijuana, which if passed, would go into effect by the time of this season's All-Star game in Vegas.

The thought of the NBA All-Star Game being in Las Vegas is ridiculous enough on its own. But what if it becomes a safe haven for potheads? It'll be like Christmas morning for some players.
Forget the game, I'd want to watch a behind-the-scenes of what happened that weekend before the game. Now that would boost ratings, guaranteed.

The only thing this is missing is the Hornets' noted pothead, Chris Andersen, who's in the middle of serving a two-year suspension for violating the NBA's substance abuse policy. David Stern, can you please reinstate him just for the weekend and then make him partake in the Slam Dunk Contest again? Maybe we'd be treated to a redux of his amazingly bad performance a couple years ago.

Man, that's embarrassing - but the reactions from all the other players laughing at him make for great television. I can only imagine what Allen Iverson, who's probably as far as you can get from Andersen physically, is thinking. If only we had a mic on those guys at that time instead of on the boring officials during the game. All-Star games are just about the most irrelevant event in sports, but moments like that might get me to watch. Outside the box marketing, David Stern -there it is!

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